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county shriff's office

For this county sherriff's site, NCI started by designing a pathway for a new underground conduit and fiber optic cable. Once a pathway was determined, drawings were provided to the customer for their review. After pathway approval was given by the county, NCI proceeded to acquire all right-of-way encroachment permits that were needed to complete the project.


Project Details


  • Drilled two 1.50" HDPE conduits from county administration building to sheriff's office
  • Installed six new handholes along conduit pathway Used approximately 3,600 feet of conduit
  • Installed new 24-strand singlemode fiber optic cable
  • Cable terminated within new rack-mounted fiber termination cabinets using SC fiber optic connectors










communications cabling
national accounts
outside plant
fiber optics
data center services
access control/cctv











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