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Communications Cabling


Though structured cabling has existed for many years, the trends and technology surrounding current and future speed and bandwidth requirements change continually. READ MORE >>



Outside Plant Construction & Cabling


Whether it's cabling for an aerial, underground or buried communication construction project, NCI has years of experience providing design, layout and installation services. READ MORE >>



Fiber Optics


Through the years, we've developed a highly experienced team that provides design, layout and installation of all types of aerial, underground, buried and inter-building fiber optic communication projects. READ MORE >>



Data Center Cabling Solutions


Any data center cabling infrastructure must be reliable, robust and accurately documented.



Access Control and Video Surveillance


NCI installs CCTV surveillance and access control systems for government, commercial office, retail, health care, manufacturing, educational and industrial customers. READ MORE >>





Wireless provides not only a secure data transfer equal to copper cable but also is a great tool for asset tracking and lowering media cost for many applications. READ MORE >>





Information coming soon. 




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